Andrea 188 300x300 - Andrea Carolan

Andrea is a Dental Hygienist with Dr. Nguyen’s office and has been cheerfully combating tooth decay and gum disease with us since 2008. Andrea enjoys helping people prevent common oral health problems by educating them on how to remove the most plaque and giving patients an easy to understand tour of their teeth and gums. You will often hear people laughing in her room because Andrea knows how to help people relax and not feel like they are at a dental office. She will tell you that her favorite part of her job is taking intraoral photographs of people’s teeth and gums so that they can see what she sees and then work together with the patients to improve their oral health. She is happy to work with such a strong team and is proud to call Dr Nguyen’s office “home.”

You will find Andrea outside hiking, visiting museums, doing crafty projects or playing around on social media during her off days. Be sure to say hello to her at your next appointment.