When you visit any of our treatment rooms you will have to keep an eye out for Oanh. She is Dr. Nguyen’s Dental Assistant since 2007 and helps him repair and improve our patient’s smiles every day. If you catch her in a moment where she isn’t the busiest person in the back office, you will hear her giving someone a compliment on their colorful outfit or laughing while telling a short story to a patient. Oanh says she loves working with her friends that she calls co-workers and she is very honored to work for such a generous and caring dentist as Dr. Nguyen.

Oanh loves spending time with her family and her sons keep her very happy. She has a fascination with Ghost Hunter Shows and loves to watch Korean Drama Shows/movies. She always gives great advice for people to floss more if they want to stay out of the rooms where she and Dr. Nguyen fix cavities and broken teeth, but she makes sure you have a comfortable stay in the chair if you need to be there.